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A little about Real HEAlth Co.

The Real Health Co aims to make evidence-based nutrition advice accessible for all.

The Co stands for community, as in time, we hope to build a community of nutritionists, dietitians and other health professionals with specific areas of expertise that can be offered online.

We aim to provide the most up to date nutrition information, as well as the foundations for a healthier you.

We use online consultations as a way to bring our services to those who cannot easily access a nutritionist. The ability to do everything online makes life easier.

Our meal plans are tailor made, which is why we ask you for a few details before sessions. We do this to make sure you have all the tools for success, including foods you like, and produce that is correct for your locality and budget.

As a business we offer a place where you are really heard. We hope to help you learn some new and interesting skills. We also learn a lot off of our clients, the relationships we build are invaluable to our own practice going forwards. 

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NUTRITIONIST: Cathleen Crichton-Stuart​

I am the Director and owner operator of Real Health Co. After completing my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition form Curtin University in 2017, I moved into a role as a freelance science writer for online publications, as well as working privately with clients on meal plans and general nutrition.

Writing online content fine-tuned my ability to translate scientific evidence into something digestible for all, however it also reinforced how much confusing information there is out there – something the Real Health Co seeks to address. Through consults or free online articles.

I have a passion for helping people find the best way to improve their health and overall well-being. Sometimes change can be a challenge, which makes support essential.

My areas of expertise are: sports nutrition, building and maintaining muscle, as well as meal planning on budgets. I have a particular interest in gut health and the gut  microbiome. These interests came from my Coeliac Disease diagnosis and experiencing the FODMAP diet first hand.

Food and cooking are a huge part of my life, the majority of recipes provided to clients are ones developed by me in my kitchen.

When I’m not working, I am usually swimming, running or in the gym. Because life is all about balance, I love to visit local wineries and enjoying new foods of all types.

Real Health Co Position on supplements and endorsements​

Typically, Real Health Co. supports nutrition through food, however if deemed necessary, your nutritionist may suggest a supplement. It is entirely up to the client to go ahead with this, and they should always consult their GP if on any other medication or supplements.

Real Health Co. is all about transparency, we are not affiliated with any brands, supplements or health food companies. Any suggestions that are made, are always for the client’s benefit, with no kick back to the nutritionist or company.


The Foundations for a Healthier You

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